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  • November/December 2021
  • November/December 2021

    Thermal & Moisture Control

    Pink is the New Pink

    May 4, 2022
    The advanced fiber technology of PINK Next Gen Fiberglas creates a tightly woven network of soft, fine fibers that form a super-resilient blanket of insulating micro-pockets....
    Exterior Panels/Cladding

    It’s Show Time

    Feb. 14, 2022
    Doubling as a massive media screen, this projectable glass rainscreen stops more than 90% of wind-driven rain from reaching the air-and-vapor barrier and dissipates the rest ...
    Exterior Panels/Cladding

    Panel Power

    Feb. 14, 2022
    An aluminum accent for façades, the Accent Fin comes in six design variations: blade, mini-blade, triangle, A-frame, rectangle, and flat box. This new joint-integrated cladding...
    Exterior Panels/Cladding

    Ventilated Façade

    Feb. 14, 2022
    Steni Nature façade panels are available in 12 different colors of natural stones, many with up to four different particle sizes: micro-fine, fine, medium and coarse. The cladding...
    Cabinet Hardware

    Sleek and Sturdy

    Jan. 17, 2022
    Easy to grasp and operate, this cast iron drawer pull, Doug Mockett & Co.'s Pergola Cast Iron Drawer Pull, combines a sturdy design with a nice appearance. Designed in a traditional...

    More content from November/December 2021

    Lighting & Controls

    Powerful Beam

    Jan. 12, 2022
    The SAF family of architectural floodlights from Hydrel uses powerful beam spreads with a minimalist design to provide more illumination from less luminaire. Features include...
    Lighting & Controls

    Fresh Look

    Jan. 12, 2022
    Typology ring lights are seemingly levitating light fixtures with illumination reminiscent of the sun’s corona during an eclipse. Perched atop a steel mast, a circular strip ...
    Lighting & Controls

    Targeted Lighting

    Jan. 12, 2022
    Intended for street and area directional lighting, Bellevue delivers with a single, modern rectilinear design. Offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures and...
    Plumbing Fixtures

    Maximizing Storage

    Jan. 10, 2022
    A clever and convenient storage solution, Americh’s Urban Bath incorporates a 3.5-in.-deep × 36-in.-long stainless-steel shelf for storing bathroom products such as shampoo, ...
    Living Wall Systems

    Living Art

    Jan. 10, 2022
    The Cafe Series Modular Planter and Bench System from greenscreen features straight or curved planters with greenscreen trellis panels on top. Curved benches and square planters...

    Performance and Comfort

    Jan. 10, 2022
    The deluxe, wall-mounted, single-zone system with hyper-heating INVERTER plus (H2i plus) technology is a game-changer in terms of performance, comfort, and indoor air quality...

    Smart Shower

    Jan. 6, 2022
    HydroVive has a clean, integrated look, and when paired with ThermaSol’s Smart Shower Valve and ThermaTouch interface, anyone using the system can personalize every element of...

    Safe Sanctuary

    Jan. 6, 2022
    While the practice for using germicidal UV fixtures to disinfect air has been well established in hospitals for over 70 years, Modern Forms' ULTRA Germicidal Smart Fan now helps...
    Life Safety/Fire Protection

    Life Safety

    Jan. 6, 2022
    Technical Glass Products' Fireframes Designer Guard System is North America’s first certified fire-rated and security-rated full-lite glass door system. All components have been...
    Decorative Wood

    Sustainable Wood at its Best

    Jan. 5, 2022
    A high-performance sustainable wood material, Accoya is stable, durable and resists rot. Applications include windows, doors, decking and siding. The wood is created with an ...
    Landscape Products

    Plant an Idea

    Jan. 5, 2022
    Featuring a collection of fiberglass planters with greenscreen’s 3-in. steel trellis panels, the Elysian Interior Planter Series encourages social distancing, adds beauty to ...
    Decorative Metal

    Next Gen Metal Archetypes

    Jan. 3, 2022
    The Specular collection from Pure + FreeForm is ideal for exterior metal cladding, acoustical ceilings, interior wall paneling, millwork, soffits, column covers, canopies and...
    Wall Coverings

    Palm Panels

    Jan. 3, 2022
    PalmTheory is a range of striking, configurable palm panels for commercial, high-end residential, retail and hospitality interiors. The panels are available in eight configurable...
    Decorative Metal

    Metal Mesh

    Dec. 31, 2021
    An extremely versatile material, metal mesh is growing in popularity for use in a number of applications and GKD Metal Fabrics now offers designers and specifiers an unlimited...
    Ceiling Systems

    For a Tight Seam

    Dec. 31, 2021
    With its integrated, factory-gasketed edges, AirAssure ceilings provide a tighter fitting ceiling for reduced air leakage through the ceiling plane. The panels install on a standard...
    Stair & Railing Systems

    Custom Railing

    Dec. 31, 2021
    With pre-welded panels that are code tested and safety approved, Fortress Fe26 PLUS steel railings can greatly reduce installation time. Premium powder-coated accent top rails...
    Landscape Products

    Take a Seat

    Dec. 30, 2021
    Suitable for design-driven outdoor landscape architectural projects, the backless style PORTAL Bench from HessAmerica is available in non-illuminated or illuminated versions....
    Landscape Products

    Defining Spaces

    Dec. 30, 2021
    Modular and adaptable in construction, the Ribbon Bench is a new product in the Typology Collection of outdoor seating and lighting designed to connect spaces and guide pedestrians...
    Landscape Products

    Gaining a Purpose

    Dec. 30, 2021
    Adaptive, modular and scalable, Upfit from Landscape Forms transforms existing and underutilized outdoor spaces into tailored destinations and functional areas for work and relaxation...
    Wall Coverings

    A Transformation

    Dec. 30, 2021
    The legendary Marcel Wanders Studio partnered with Pure + FreeForm to design the Chameleon Collection, a series of eight new metal interior and exterior finishes that represent...
    Glass Walls/Partitions

    Privacy and Togetherness

    Dec. 30, 2021
    The Horizon Collection from 3form features expertly engineered textiles embedded in the company’s translucent resin, Varia, and colored glass panels. Composed of concentrated...
    Ceiling Systems

    More Hospitality into Healthcare

    Dec. 27, 2021
    The Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood is designed to feel more like an elegant home or a hotel than a hospital.
    Decorative Metal

    Design Forward

    Dec. 27, 2021
    Móz Designs introduces 11 new earth-toned Blendz Patina colorways that bring the look of naturally timeworn textures to commercial spaces using sleek, lightweight metal materials...
    Wall Coverings

    Just Like Wood Slats

    Dec. 27, 2021
    Delivering a realistic replication of authentic wood slats, aluminum-made Fortina from B+N Industries offers lighter weight, lower cost, less waste and easier installation, in...
    Doors/Entry Systems

    Ohio Brewing Company ‘Opens Up’

    Dec. 26, 2021
    The Buffalo Rock Brewing Co. transformed a dilapidated six-bay car wash into a brewery, keeping the industrial feel by adding glass garage doors to the old bay areas.

    Create a Pattern

    Dec. 25, 2021
    Image-in from Sensitile is an illustrative paneling material available in glass and resin substrates. Designed to create a fluid and dynamic appearance inside a thin, highly ...

    Outlet Anyone?

    Dec. 21, 2021
    Attractive and functional, Shadow pops up when power and USB is needed, and silently retreats back into the table surface when not in use. Devices can rest on top of the small...

    Wood From Stone

    Dec. 17, 2021
    Lending a reclaimed barn wood look, Dutch Quality Stone's Weathered Plank in 4-in. and 6-in.-high are made from stone come in two gray hues. Adding organic warmth and comfort...
    ms vision cold brew 1md_0
    Decking Products

    Brew Time

    Dec. 17, 2021
    MoistureShield, a division of Oldcastle APG, a CRH Company, introduces new Cold Brew, a warm and inviting medium-roast brown with subtle color variegation to its Vision capped...

    Crafting a Sicilian Piazza in Milwaukee

    Dec. 16, 2021
    Thin cast stone veneer saves time and money, while conveying Italian influence.