Thermal & Moisture Control

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Thermal & Moisture Control

WALLcontrol Air & Water-Resistive Barrier Systems

Continuity of air and water management from roof systems, vertical walls, and waterproofing terminations is critical for commercial buildings to achieve energy-efficient performance...
Exterior Panels/Cladding

Support Group

KarrierPanel is a universal barrier wall alternative to traditional multi-component wall systems, supporting secondary rainscreens systems such as metal or brick façades. The ...
Thermal & Moisture Control

Get on a Drainage Roll

The promise of ventilated façades enabled by rainscreen technology to promote drainage and drying of wall assemblies is a powerful one, but it helps to know a little something...
Exterior Panels/Cladding

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Tel Aviv’s Wooden Treasure Chest: Wrapped in a wooden façade resembling Noah’s Ark, the new Steinhardt Museum of Natural History creates a new city landmark.
Exterior Panels/Cladding

Metal Panel Distinction

QuadCore represents a leap in technology within the insulated metal panel market. A Kingspan panel ordered with QuadCore and a Valspar Fluropon Pure coating earns a Red List Free...