Thermal & Moisture Control

Courtesy of NRG Insulated Block
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NRG Insulated Block

The NRG Insulated Block is a continuously insulated concrete block with zero thermal bridges. It has proven effective R-values of R-50+ in climate zones 5 and 6. NRG’s interior...
Exterior Panels/Cladding

Winter-Proof Walls

The design of the 74-unit apartment complex is perceived as trendy, and the tan, red and green colors are nicely compatible with the surroundings.
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New Foil Faced Insulation
Thermal & Moisture Control

WALLcontrol Polyiso Foil-Faced Insulation

The WALLcontrol Polyiso Foil-Faced Insulation combines high R-value, Class-A foam core, and durable aluminum facers in a high-performance rigid wall insulation board. It is faced...
Courtesy of Siplast
Edited Siplast
Thermal & Moisture Control

WALLcontrol Air & Water-Resistive Barrier Systems

Continuity of air and water management from roof systems, vertical walls, and waterproofing terminations is critical for commercial buildings to achieve energy-efficient performance...
Courtesy of Sto Corp
Gps Rigid Board Insulation
Thermal & Moisture Control

Sto GPS Board

This graphite-enhanced, 100% closed-cell expanded polystyrene insulation board can be used in a variety of wall systems. Compared with other rigid insulation products, Sto GPS...