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Tek Vue from Teknion was designed in response to customers’ increased emphasis on aesthetics, simplicity and value. The system focuses on single-center glazing and thin-profile...
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Insulgard’s STORMDEFEND TTH350 door system has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratory to meet ICC50-14 and FEMA361-15 requirements for use in tornado- and hurricane...
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[img src="A"]Allegion, a leading provider of security products and solutions, announced they will launch a line of ergonomic levers that were designed with Gensler, a prominent...
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Great Wide Open

Vertical weather seals between the panels of ClimaCLEAR sliding-panel system prevent wind-driven rain intrusion and reduce air infiltration. The system is designed for indoor/...
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Roofers installed four acoustical smoke vents from BILCO. The 5 × 7 ft. vents include burglar bars to prevent unauthorized entry and a manual winch. Given the high school’s location downtown, acoustical smoke vents help limit noise intrusion from exterior sources.
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A Smoke Vent Dilemma

CHALLENGE:During the height of the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Works Projects Administration (WPA) to assist with public works projects throughout...
Doors/Entry Systems

'Invisible' Doors

AXES is a high-tech, steel-finish interior door-wall system; the doors pivot on axis points to become an acoustic wall. The product has multiple functions: It serves as a series...