Ohio Brewing Company ‘Opens Up’

Dec. 26, 2021

The Buffalo Rock Brewing Co. transformed a dilapidated six-bay car wash into a brewery, keeping the industrial feel by adding glass garage doors to the old bay areas.

Waterville, Ohio

Brothers Troy and Tim Burns, plus their close friend Brian Wilson, went “all in” to open the new craft brewery in June 2021. For the past 20 years each of them had experience in home brewing. Following the suggestion of friends, they put a business plan together and started searching for a location.


According to Troy Burns, co-owner, Buffalo Rock Brewing Co., the old car wash was the only building in town that would meet all their needs. “It had been idle since 2013, but the structure was still sound, so we wanted to repurpose the building as much as possible,” says Burns. “We tossed around the idea of adding windows, but quickly landed on using garage doors instead.”


The owners selected rugged Haas CA110i garage doors to help them achieve the modern, industrial look of the facility. “We chose the CA110i commercial line of narrow aluminum doors to maximize the glass in the garage doors,” says Burns.

The narrow line, lightweight door has a small rail profile that gives the clean look of mostly glass. In addition, the garage doors feature half-inch insulated glass. Haas Door created custom sized garage doors to meet the opening sizes in the structure. The company also matched the garage door colors with the rest of the building.

There are four insulated glass doors used in the front and rear of the building that open to patios, and two solid insulated Haas doors for operational areas. “The six Haas garage doors we selected are the perfect way to highlight both the interior and exterior of this old structure,” says Burns. “We want the brewery to be a place where people come to reconnect with each other. These insulated garage doors definitely open up the space when raised and we get great natural lighting in the facility that helps us save on electric bills.”


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