Lighting & Controls

Lighting & Controls

Powerful Beam

The SAF family of architectural floodlights from Hydrel uses powerful beam spreads with a minimalist design to provide more illumination from less luminaire. Features include ...
Lighting & Controls

A New Kind of Track

Infra-Structure is a new kind of track system, offering a range of fixture styles, including the Suspension Panel, shown here. The tubular system features magnetic fastening, ...
Lighting & Controls

Pole Top for Underlit Areas

Bring more light, quickly and comfortably, into outdoor areas that are underlit. This product began as a custom solution and it was requested so often, that the Pole Top has now...
Lighting & Controls

LED Tile Exterior System

Cooledge offers a luminous panel system that allows a building to be illuminated by its façade rather than simply projecting light onto structures. The technology recently won...
Lighting & Controls

Hanging in There

A set of contemporary point-source pendants, made almost entirely of recyclable aluminum, the Scope pendants deliver an intimate spot of focused illumination. The sleek and stylish...
Lighting & Controls

Retro Russian

With a spiky Firenze crystal center that recalls the Soviet-era Sputnik spacecraft, the 14-in. diameter Angelo Mini Pendant will certainly shine in any setting. A single jeweled...