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Lighting & Controls

Gymnasium Sees the Light

High school gymnasium undergoes LED lighting retrofit which allows school officials to recoup time, utility and maintenance costs.
Lighting & Controls

Urban Skyline

The strikingly original Skyline light, from global partner Santa & Cole and designed by Antoni Roselló, is an LED pathway light that brings international style with dramatic ...
Lighting & Controls

You Wood if you Could

Emilia is one of 16 pendant fixtures in the new WEP (wood ecological project) lineup, all featuring a structure formed by technical wood veneer. Fixtures can be specified with...
Lighting & Controls

Upgrade for More Control

A range of options are available with the Metalux Cruze LED retrofit troffer, including an integrated sensor system to aid occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting. Default ...
Lighting & Controls

A New Kind of Track

Infra-Structure is a new kind of track system, offering a range of fixture styles, including the Suspension Panel, shown here. The tubular system features magnetic fastening,...