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Outdoor Office Outfitter

Outdoor furniture brand, Extremis, a renowned Belgian furniture design group with a collection of products that focus on gathering and celebrating life outdoors is now available...
Site Furnishings

Get an [Outdoor] Life

Mounting scientific evidence suggests that unplugging from our electronic screens and plugging-in to nature may prove key to maintaining creativity, productivity and vitality—...
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Landscape Products

Lightweight Substrate Substitute Saves Time and Money

LOCATION:Chicago DESIGN TEAM:Goettsch Partners PHOTO CREDIT:© Tom Rossiter CHALLENGE:Hemmed in by a combination of barriers including the city’s set-back zoning requirements ...
Lighting & Controls

Sleek Column

Offering a slender simplicity and a striking accent to contemporary architecture and open spaces, PORTAL features an anodized aluminum bezel surrounding the aperture creates a...
Landscape Products

Gaining a Purpose

Adaptive, modular and scalable, Upfit from Landscape Forms transforms existing and underutilized outdoor spaces into tailored destinations and functional areas for work and relaxation...
Living Wall Systems

New Life for Used Plastic

Nardi, a company specializing in outdoor furniture, has always recycled its production waste; this practice led to the idea of recovering used plastic, “regenerating” it in a ...