Glass Walls/Partitions

Glass Walls/Partitions

Nashville Hotel Offers Stunning Views

LOCATION:Nashville, Tenn. DESIGN TEAM:Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Assocs. JW Marriott Nashville is a 386-ft.-tall, 800,000-sq.-ft. luxury hotel nestled among the ...
Glass Walls/Partitions

Glass Parking Façade

Designed and engineered for parking garage applications, Bendheim introduces its parking façade system for a beautiful glass aesthetic. Glass panels, 30 sq. ft. or larger, offer...
Glass Walls/Partitions

Sleek Lines

Shallow, minimal sliding glass wall is uniform, with ultra-thin lines, making it optimal for interior construction. With panel heights up to 13-ft., 1-in., Cero creates floor-...
Glass Walls/Partitions

Defenses Up

Serving as a protective shield between customers and employees in retail and food service settings, Impact Security’s DefenseLite not only offers the hygienic protection sought...
Glass Walls/Partitions

Austin Restaurant Adds Mystery with Glass Brick Wall

The street-facing glass brick wall at Austin’s new restaurant adds mystique to guests and passersby.