Glass Walls/Partitions

Glass Walls/Partitions

The Sliding Glass Door Solution

In order to bring light deep into the floorplate, AZ TV, Arizona’s channel 7 selected floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door solutions. Enabling the full office to experience the...
Glass Walls/Partitions

Artistic Partitions

As an aesthetic translucent partitioning solution, Sensitile’s screens and dividers are designed to physically separate, but maintain visual continuity and connection between...
Glass Walls/Partitions

Glass Screen Solutions

Expanding its glassSCREENS>Shield collection to include frameless and benching variations, CARVART’s screen solutions are made from anti-porous, scratch-resistant glass. The ...
Glass Walls/Partitions

A Smart Way to Separate

Stretch is a “smart office” solution that allows you to separate environments without a formal framing system. The standalone space divider is made of steel cables and clamps...
Glass Walls/Partitions

Have a Listening Ear

[img src="A"]Acoustic glass sliding door stays tight even when closed thanks to a special seal around the perimeter, keeping sound in or out to ensure privacy in educational ...