Exterior Panels/Cladding


The Formawall high-performance building envelope system is an all-in-one system, providing an exterior rainscreen, air and moisture barrier and thermal insulation in a single ...
Wall Coverings

Wooden Beauty from Floor to Ceiling

DuChateau offers a full range of fine hardwood and vinyl plank flooring as well as hardwood wallcoverings sold through the DuChateau and Atelier series brands. The flagship hardwood...
Exterior Panels/Cladding

Metal Panels for Shape and Shadow

Designers with New York City-based Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture brought together a mix of cladding materials in their plans for The Pablo Center at the Confluence, a new ...
Courtesy of Rockwool
Rockwool Rwa45
Thermal & Moisture Control

Rockwool RWA45

The Rockwool RWA45 boasts the highest level of fire resistance for a variety of general building applications. Made-up of high-quality resin bonded Rock mineral slabs, Rockwool...
Ceiling Systems

Monolithic Surface

Without the perforations typically found on acoustic vceilings, ACOUSTIBuilt features a seamless and smooth monolithic surface. The high-performing product offers an absorbing...

Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

[img src="A"]Brick’s clean-lined traditionalism is enjoying a bit of a resurgence, especially when paired with more contemporary gray-toned palettes. Clean Brick cast-brick veneer...