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Building Better Schools

Download this digital resource to better understand the challenges and opportunities in designing and operating educational facilities for safety, sustainability, and performance.
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Designing with Multiple Aesthetics Doesn’t Have to Be So Complex

There is an increasing appetite for buildings designed with a complex, dynamic look created by multiple claddings. Learn why selecting a single manufacturer can eliminate the complexity and ensure that multiple claddings work together seamlessly.
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Rising Trends in Ventilated Rainscreens, Reduced Complexity Driving New Paradigm

Learn how advancements in technology are driving some of the latest trends that demonstrate how rainscreens are emerging as a preferred solution – in their ability to eliminate complexity, achieve cost savings, and deliver on curb appeal.

The Beauty & Benefits of Biophilic Design in the Built Environment

Biophilic design is a hot trend in design, but what is it and how can building professionals incorporate these strategies for the benefits of occupants? This eHandbook offers best practices for applying biophilic design in the built environment.
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Getting to Net Zero: Carbon Solutions for Today’s Climate Challenges

It’s a well-known fact that buildings are responsible for emitting nearly 40% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, and now owners, architects, and designers have responded, with the race to net zero officially on.