Net Zero Buildings

Solar & Renewable Power

Green Gas

While gas stations aren’t typically the first thing to come to mind when someone says “green building,” a St. Louis area gas station challenges that perception. The ZOOM station...
Solar & Renewable Power

Live/Work Lifestyle

Aggressively incorporating PV into its campus, The Univ. of California-Davis’ growing net-zero West Village is expanding to provide housing for faculty and staff—a...
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Geothermal Contributes to Net-Zero Success

Florida’s Aventura Mall recently completed a new wing expanding the Miami-area retail destination by 315,000 sq. ft. to 2.7 million. Providing a sunlit experience with...
Public & Cultural

A Trickle of Living Buildings Could Become a Waterfall

As projects aspire to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge and net zero, it necessitates a new model for publicly funded projects. The ‘new normal&rsquo...


A Clinical Success: United Therapeutics’ Unisphere is a functioning work of building science and applied environmental art, creating a new gateway for both the city and ...