C Billy Hustace
Linear Wood Plank Ceiling
Decorative Wood

2300 Continuous Linear

A San Fransisco industrial building constructed in 1906 has been given new life by architectural firm Marcy Wong Donn Logan. Referred to as MacLac Building D, the award-winning...
Courtesy of Kingspan
QuadCore DesignWall 4000
Exterior Panels/Cladding

QuadCore DesignWall 4000

Designwall 4000 is the go-to panel choice for large scale projects, like the University of Maryland’s Jones-Hill House athletic center (shown here). This building envelope...
Courtesy of CO Architects
2301 Apbb Arizona Forum2
Structural Wood

BauBache Hardwood Laminate Veneer

BauBuche hardwood laminated veneer lumber from Pollmeier offers aesthetics, sustainability, durability, and maintainability. It’s as easy to use as solid wood and has a 66% lower...
Hancher 003
Ceiling Systems


LOCATION:University of Iowa, Iowa City DESIGN TEAM:Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects PHOTO CREDIT:© Goldberg/Esto As the premier presenter of performing arts state- wide, the University...
Courtesy of Construction Specialties
RS-7315 Storm-Resistant Louvers
Louvers & Vents

RS-7315 Storm-Resistant Louvers

The Helena Theurer Pavilion, nestled in Hackensack, NJ, is a world-class intensive care facility located on the Hackensack University Medical Campus. The 9-story, 530,000 sq. ...
Lighting & Controls

Urban Skyline

The strikingly original Skyline light, from global partner Santa & Cole and designed by Antoni Roselló, is an LED pathway light that brings international style with dramatic flair...
© Jeff Goldberg/Esto
A curved mosaic feature wall is illuminated with LED PAR20 lamps in the children’s hospital lobby.
Architectural Lighting

Illumination designed to delight and heal at a children's hospital

Simple metal and glass pendants compliment lobby areas, while handheld remotes allow children to select and change the color of the lighting in their rooms.
Courtesy of Bradley Corp
TLX Series Express Lavatory System 4-Station Model

TLX Series Express Lavatory System 4-Station Model

Bradley’s attractive TLX Series Express lavatory system is now available in an extended 4-station model. A seamless, complete handwashing package that maximizes value and...
Courtesy of Dutch Quality Stone
Stone Veneer Winter Point White

Rough Ashlar Manufactured Stone

Incorporating the beauty and design spark offered by authentic stone, this veneer combines large and medium stones in three different color palettes: Greystone, Trailhead, and...

Signed and Sealed

Interstyle’s latest innovation in sustainable glass is made with 100% recycled glass, blended with a mix of natural, regionally sourced clay and porcelain. Dubbed Earthenglass...