Courtesy of Astek
Uplifted Wallcovering
Wall Coverings

Uplifted 3-Dimensional Wallcovering Collection

The Uplifted wallcovering collection explores the interaction between form, color, and dimension. Tomma Bloom’s signature use of bold patterns, geometric structures, and...
Courtesy of Momentum Textile and Wallcovering
Digital Creations Wallcovering
Wall Coverings

Digital Creations

This new collection balances the beauty of Momentum textile and wallcovering products with the brilliance and flexibility of digital creations. Whether the artwork was created...
Ceiling Systems

University of Kentucky Off-Campus Apartments Honor City Equestrian Heritage

In addition to showcasing Lexington’s equestrian heritage with a custom plaid design, the architect solved installation challenges with a versatile aluminum ceiling...
Site Furnishings

Seat Anyone?

The gently curved seat with a rounded back is designed for comfort, combining a high-end European look with American craftsmanship. The Uptown Chair by Beaufurn is ideal for ...
Courtesy of Sightline
Custom Modular Seating Riser
Stair & Railing Systems

Modular Seating Riser

Collaborating with longtime partners at Schuler Shook, Sightline custom-designed and installed an eight-level, state-of-the-art seating riser that comfortably accommodates nearly...
Exterior Panels/Cladding

Grocery Store/Office Transformed into a College Campus

Antelope Valley College focused on its future with a retrofit project that created the Palmdale Center that was an existing grocery store with attached office building.
Online Services/Software

New Virtual Design Tool

To assist designers with planning and visualizing restroom designs, Bradley Corp. introduces an online Virtual Design Tool featuring four types of restroom environments—corporate...
Courtesy of Audrey Lane
Brick & Brush mural tile collection

Brick & Brush Tile Collection

A Finalist of the 2023 Best of BDNY award in the architectural materials category, Brick & Brush, shown here in Posy, is a curated tile mural collection. It combines beautiful...
Stair & Railing Systems

Safety and Better Views at a Sports Arena

Detroit’s Little Caesar Arena features glass and aluminum rails to provide spectator safety, and give them optimum views from higher seating arrangements.
Courtesy of Everett and Blue
Green Hand Painted Tile 3

Alfama Verde Hand-Painted Tile

Everett and Blue is a UK-based company, but their method for creating hand-painted azulejo tile is informed by centuries of Portuguese tradition. Sourcing their clay from Lisbon...