Solar & Renewable Power

Solar & Renewable Power

Green Gas

While gas stations aren’t typically the first thing to come to mind when someone says “green building,” a St. Louis area gas station challenges that perception. The ZOOM station...
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Solar & Renewable Power

Century-Old Bank Enters 21st

Custom solar panels helped retrofit a former bank into a Platinum LEED structure—without altering its historic appearance.
Solar & Renewable Power

All-Electric Apartment Development

A new apartment complex in Herriman, Utah, is offering residents clean energy living and greater energy resilience along with access to EV charging and a club house with a pool...
Solar & Renewable Power

Not in the Rough by Any Means

An Architecture Masterprize winner in the mixed-use category, the Diamond Exchange, Capital C in Amsterdam, originally built in 1911, has been transformed, including the “High...
Solar & Renewable Power

Going Organic

A metal warehouse in Duisburg, Germany, is now home to the largest installation of façade-mounted organic HeliaSol photovoltaic film. Produced with a self-adhesive backing in...
Solar & Renewable Power

Lithium Ion done Differently

Blue Ion LX-HV battery systems use a ferrous phosphate chemistry that requires no rare minerals and is more stable than other lithium ion designs. The batteries are backed by...