Paving Systems

Paving Systems

A Water Celebration

LOCATION:Copenhagen, Denmark A new scalable climate adoption system, Climate Tile, equips side-walks with capabilities that not only treat water, but celebrate water as a valuable...
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Paving Systems

Pavers Add Distinction to Boston Project

Boston’s 101 Seaport is a project unique in concept and installation. Functionality, performance and aesthetics were all taken into consideration when selecting paving materials...
Paving Systems

A Sense of Place

LOCATION:Washington D.C. DESIGN TEAM:CannonDesign, Marshall Moya Design, Lee and Assocs. The new student center at the University of the District of Columbia was designed to ...
Paving Systems

Walk-On Pavers

Anti-slip, weather resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising aesthetics, Hanover Porcelain Pavers are quick and easy to install. They are resistant...
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Paving Systems

Minneapolis’ Commons Paves Permeable

Looking toward the environmental benefits for the entire city, downtown Minneapolis was looking toward permeable paving to reduce its stormwater runoff and potential pollution...
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Paving Systems

Medical Center Picks Lane

The seven-story Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim, Calif. was challenged with siting a fire lane that could support the weight of emergency vehicles—without looking like a fire lane...