Thermal & Moisture Control

Get on a Drainage Roll

The promise of ventilated façades enabled by rainscreen technology to promote drainage and drying of wall assemblies is a powerful one, but it helps to know a little something...

BIG Rigs Housing Solution

Urban Riggers uses stacked, floating shipping containers to demonstrate an economical solution to the urgent need for affordable student housing in the heart of the dense, urban...
Courtesy of Airolite
Airolite K8206 Amd Louver
Louvers & Vents

Hurricane Louver K8206AMD

This Hurricane louver is equipped for a high-wind challenge and has been tested in accordance with the Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA) test standards...
Louvers & Vents

They can Handle a Hurricane

[img src="A"]The new EME420DDE 4-in. deep louvers—along with the 5-in. deep EME420DDE model—are designed to meet 55-mph impact tests, for applications in hurricane-prone regions...
Wall Coverings

Quick Job

Class A, water-resistant NRP-FIRESTOP wall panels by Parkland are laminated and can be installed over painted walls, concrete block, plywood, insulating foam and even unfinished...
Roofing Systems

It's got Stick-To-It-Iveness

StealthBond metal roofing is attached using a proprietary adhesive, rather than mechanical attachment devices, and has received Miami-Dade County Building Code approval. The three...