Louvers & Vents

They can Handle a Hurricane

[img src="A"]The new EME420DDE 4-in. deep louvers—along with the 5-in. deep EME420DDE model—are designed to meet 55-mph impact tests, for applications in hurricane-prone regions...

Beating the Heat

Even for Phoenix, temperatures in its Edison Eastlake neighborhood are hot—and in fact, are among the hottest in Maricopa County. On average, the mercury hits 105°F ...
Louvers & Vents

Impact Ready

[img src="A"]The 5-in. eme5626md vertical stationary louver meets Miami-Dade hurricane requirements for critical/essential facilities and safe rooms. It has been tested for wind...
Thermal & Moisture Control

Get on a Drainage Roll

The promise of ventilated façades enabled by rainscreen technology to promote drainage and drying of wall assemblies is a powerful one, but it helps to know a little something...
Doors/Entry Systems

Battened Hatch

[img src="A"]The revolutionary FloodBreak automatic flood barrier is changing how flood mitigation projects are designed. FloodBreak will protect virtually any vulnerable opening...
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Doors/Entry Systems

Watertight Barrier

The PD-522FFR fire-rated flood door from PS Flood Barriers is a normal-use swing door, specifically engineered for interior and exterior openings requiring watertight flood protection...