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UniverSILL, a flexible sill insert, allows for a fast weather performance upgrade of NanaWall low-profile saddle sills. Its design replicates the innovative NanaWall Hybrid Sill—which is a cross-between a raised and low-profile saddle sill. When installed, UniverSILL offers near raised sill weather performance. ADA-compliant.Judge’s Comment: “Improves a consistent problem of weather-proofing at doors.”


Accordion Swing

The SL84 redesigned bifold door may just be the slimmest, thermally-efficient, aluminum bifold door available. With minimally-exposed hardware and a slim aluminum frame, the bifold door has no width limitations and panel heights reach as high as 11-ft., 6-in. Available in inswing or outswing configurations, it can accommodate open corner designs. Its concealed panel alignment means less exposed panel hinges and a cleaner profile.A newly designed Gothic Arch roller system borrows design ideas from bullet trains with only the sides of the roller touching the track. This allows for extremely smooth and easy operation regardless of panel size or weight. The patented TwinX enables the system to m


Elegant Thermal Performance

With a frame profile intersection of just 99 mm (3.875 in.), the SL84 folding frame system reaches a new level of aesthetics with a super-slimmest aluminum profile and minimal exposed hardware. On the performance side, the system utilizes continuous seals along the face of each panel, and two levels of insulating thermal breaks aid against heat or cold. Depending on the glazing of the unit, panel sizes can reach heights up to 11 ft. 6 in.


Easy, Smooth Operation

ADA-compliant, with an acoustic Sound Transmission Class of 45, AcoustiFOLD sliding doors support larger opening sizes and space management. With only 15/16 in. of exposed track, the doors deliver a seamless transitions between spaces.

American AgCredit Headquarters, Santa Rosa, Calif.

Create Flexible Spaces

The 120,000-sq.-ft. American AgCredit headquarters in Santa Rosa, California, was designed to accommodate rapid growth and change while championing transparency to reflect the company culture. Architect Don Tomasi, AIA, principal of local TLCD Architecture used the NanaWall HSW60 Single Track Sliding Glass Wall System to promote this theme—aiding in circulation and creating a connection between indoor and outdoor office spaces.“A lot of businesses today want flexibility and the NanaWall allows them to configure spaces in a different way,” said Tomasi. “There is also a lot of attention paid to outdoor office spaces. Calling this a trend would imply that it is


Visual Privacy

WhiteOUT is the first individual panel frameless opening glass wall system that provides visual privacy on demand at the touch of a button. The panels can stack remotely and out of sight when not in use. The operation of incorporated swing panels causes no interference to the glass activation and there is no additional need for costly drapery or shades required, thus maintaining a clean aesthetic. Also, the panels can be used as a projection screen or whiteboard. 


Sleek Lines

Shallow, minimal sliding glass wall is uniform, with ultra-thin lines, making it optimal for interior construction. With panel heights up to 13-ft., 1-in., Cero creates floor-to-ceiling minimally framed sliding glass walls that lend themselves to the contemporary look of today’s workplaces. Open, corner and conference room designs are available as well. It is available in four sill options: Higher Weather Performance Sill, Flush Sill, Low Profile Saddle Sill and Flush Saddle Hybrid Sill, with double-glazed or triple-glazed options for diverse thermal performance needs. Its movement can be automated and it is offered in 50 standard colors, with over 200 others available in powder coat a


Open for Learning

At Booker T. Washington Elementary, operable glass walls provide a flexible solution that reflects the school’s focus on transparency and collaboration. A 21st-century learner demands a 21st-century classroom. This was the challenge solved by Cannon Design for Booker T. Washington Elementary School, a 63,000-sq.-ft. science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) academy located in Champaign, Ill. Serving 225 students, the school is separated into three academies, each further stratified into three learning studios for each grade that share a communal gathering space. Operable glass walls would enable multiple room configurations and sizes without building additional space. “This fle