Accordion Swing

Dec. 11, 2020

The SL84 redesigned bifold door may just be the slimmest, thermally-efficient, aluminum bifold door available. With minimally-exposed hardware and a slim aluminum frame, the bifold door has no width limitations and panel heights reach as high as 11-ft., 6-in. Available in inswing or outswing configurations, it can accommodate open corner designs. Its concealed panel alignment means less exposed panel hinges and a cleaner profile.

A newly designed Gothic Arch roller system borrows design ideas from bullet trains with only the sides of the roller touching the track. This allows for extremely smooth and easy operation regardless of panel size or weight. The patented TwinX enables the system to meet higher wind loads but also conceals the hinges. The panels can move in stacks of 4 or 6, enabling unlimited widths. It offers three sill options with a high-heel resistant feature.

Judge’s Comments: “NanaWall is already well-known for quality folding wall products, but they are not resting on their laurels. This newest iteration has significant design improvements that extend the performance and user-friendliness of their already excellent product line.”

“Improved thermal performance in glazed wall systems is always a welcome addition to the designer’s tool kit for achieving sustainability goals.”

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