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New Orleans Hotel Gets Modern-Day Performance

A historic retrofit gets modern-day performance with new steel replica windows that deliver hurricane resistance, while maintaining the warehouse’s original Art Deco style...
Glass & Curtainwall

Façade Revamps Old San Jose Office Building

Designers customized a glass façade for San Jose’s 111 Market Square to attract new tenants.
Exterior Panels/Cladding

Metal Adds Modern Look

Façade retrofit is an effective option to consider as buildings are upgraded or converted to continue their service. Such was the case at Athens High School in Athens, Texas, ...
Lighting & Controls

Lighting Reformation

Italy’s Cathedral of Siena wanted to highlight its visible treasures with powerful lighting fixtures.
Glass Walls/Partitions

California Office Gets Facelift

Located in a revitalized shipping district of San Francisco, a four-story warehouse-turned-office space underwent a massive update.