Metal Fabrications

Roofing Systems

The Museum Built by Gatorade

Gainesville, Fla., recently added an unusual new institution to its cultural landscape—the Cade Museum for Creativity + Invention, which is dedicated to both commemorating and...
Metal Fabrications

A Fabric that Quiets the Crowd

These aluminum-based panels are designed to improve poor workplace and commercial acoustic environments. Acoustic Mesh Panels incorporate a sag-free, 1-in. thick honeycomb support...
Metal Fabrications

Historic London Office Space Revitalized

Former Victorian depository draws inspiration from elegant woven metal fabric to enhance the new office space.

Acoustic Control Meets Metal Design

GKD MetalFabrics has created its own line of aluminum-based Acoustic Mesh Panels to help control noise without compromising beauty. The new technology was developed by incorporating...
Metal Fabrications

Justice and Transparency

Surprising images of floating feathers help a California courthouse balance the scales of architecture and art.