Metal Fabrications

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Metal Fabrications

Engulfed in Metal Mesh

At the MUMUTH Music Theatre in Graz, Austria, a shimmering metal façade is the perfect complement to the building’s combination of movement and music.
Metal Fabrications

Creating a Visual Voyage

Aptly named Florida’s “powerhouse port,” Port Everglades represents one of the most diverse seaports in the United States. The design vision included a more ...
Solar Control/Sun Shading

House of Cards

A Swiss university placed emphasis on iconic construction to develop the architectural charisma it needs to prevail globally in the university sector.
Metal Fabrications

Justice and Transparency

Surprising images of floating feathers help a California courthouse balance the scales of architecture and art.
Metal Fabrications

Historic London Office Space Revitalized

Former Victorian depository draws inspiration from elegant woven metal fabric to enhance the new office space.