Manufacturer ‘Opens’ Up

June 10, 2021

A Best of Best “Industrial” winner in th Architecture Masterprize Awards, Jakob’s Saigon Rope Systems factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by rollimarchini architects Switzerland | G8A architects, Vietnam, stays true to the Swiss company’s roots. The design is based on two principles: efficiency and aesthetics. The project aims to be a pioneer in Vietnam, with a 100% naturally ventilated factory. Based on passive climatic strategies, adapted to tropical regions, the design has developed a porous façade. The smart green envelope has lush hanging geotextile planters that offer a new dimension to sustainable design. The unique design pays tribute to its context, as well as providing a work space for Jakob’s employees to enjoy.

The building sets a landmark and is pioneering sustainable building techniques in the Southeast Asian region. The striking façade visibly promotes the company’s core competencies in stainless steel solutions for greening and safety nets. Employed here was its Webnet mesh.  

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