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Contract Furnishings

Define Open Spaces

Feb. 23, 2022
The BuzziShield partition panel collection helps define space while acoustically blocking off excessive noise. The BuzziShield Hook works well on its own as a partition between...
Lighting & Controls

Bright Buzz

June 18, 2021
BuzziJet Standing’s lampshade is made using BuzziShape’s acoustical felt material. Its circular and wide shape manipulates soundwaves to bounce back and forth, reducing noise....
Living Wall Systems

Moss Muffle

March 19, 2019
BuzziMood, a new acoustical wall solution, blends materials found in nature with exceptional sound absorption capabilities. BuzziSpace collaborated with American designer Cory...
Lighting & Controls

Goodbye to Noisy Spaces

Jan. 9, 2019
A recognizable hat-shaped decorative pendant with excellent sound absorption capabilities, BuzziHat’s unique design combines an upholstered component with a metal shade. The upholstered...
Contract Furnishings

Silent Spark

Aug. 27, 2018
During the company’s 10th anniversary celebration in Antwerp, acoustic furniture experts, BuzziSpace, introduced BuzziSpark, a cheeky name for a modern take on a traditional vis...

Placid Pleats

June 13, 2018
BuzziSpace’s BuzziPleat may be suspended at any height, helping to mitigate noise in spaces from classrooms to cathedrals. The acoustical genius of the product comes in the form...