Privacy and Togetherness

The Horizon Collection from 3form features expertly engineered textiles embedded in the company’s translucent resin, Varia, and colored glass panels. Composed of concentrated, saturated yarn at the bottom of each panel, the Horizon textiles become more delicate and interspersed as they ascend, offering a solution to break up a space, without entirely compartmentalizing it. These materials balance privacy and togetherness, diffusing natural light and bringing texture to shared spaces.Judge’s Comment: “Great to see the product bendable!”


All Go For ‘Green’ Light

The Coil Collection is made from internal company waste that’s gone through an additive manufacturing process. The result is seven classic pendant shapes focused on geometry and curvature with a textured matte finish which lends a pottery-like quality. The team worked for more than two years perfecting the process, starting from waste and ending with the monochrome pendants.Judge’s Comment: “Reusing their own waste for a new product is a true example of environmental stewardship.”

3Form Flek

Making Something From Nothing At All

An innovator when it comes to reducing waste, 3Form reclaims trimmings from applications of its flagship resin Varia to create something entirely new and durable—Flek. 3Form pelletizes the waste, and color-categorizes it through an optical sorter, creating panels with a terrazzo-like effect in consistent colorways. Made to order and from up to 75% recycled material, Flek can be heat-formed into inventive shapes, and is half the density of glass with chemical resistance reducing potential harm incurred by cleaning agents. EPD Label, Declare Label and GREENGUARD IAQ certified.Judge’s Comment: “A fantastic story of R+D that creates a closed loop product that really is special.


No Blue Blocker

Knocking down sound, but not daylight, the ILTUO acts as a room division system with options to incorporate 3form’s translucent Varia Ecoresin material, as well as its acoustic Sola Felt. As a customizable and highly configurable product, the hardware system allows for variable height requirements, from half wall to full floor to ceiling heights. Designers can use Varia’s writable finish to turn ILTUO’s interior or exterior surface into a collaboration tool.


String Pattern

Recently, 3form launched a new addition to the Full Circle collection with a team of textile artisans in Magelang, Indonesia. Inspired by long-lasting global relationships created by Full Circle, string was used throughout the new patterns to represent the connections and intersections the program fosters between people and communities. What resulted is four new stunning patterns that can be used in a variety of 3form products.