AIA Priority


Environmental ‘Surfing’ Not so Tough

It just may be the addition of the accounting of human benefits as part of the ROI formula that could help designers influence clients to make the jump to passive house or...
Solar & Renewable Power

BIPV in High-Performance Glazing

With a dual function as a balcony, balustrade, glazing or a skylight, Solarvolt BIPV modules from Vitro Architectural Glass come in a variety of configurations, including multiple...
Lighting & Controls

Keeping an Eye on Health

Keeping employees comfortable and healthy in an office is critical. Employee discomfort, ill health and reduced performance can be linked to a poor-quality office environment...

Bacteria Be Gone

Schindler Ultra UV PRO and Schindler CleanRail handrail solutions are added safeguards for facilities to help counter the spread of bacteria and viruses via high-touch surfaces...
Solar & Renewable Power

Lithium Ion done Differently

Blue Ion LX-HV battery systems use a ferrous phosphate chemistry that requires no rare minerals and is more stable than other lithium ion designs. The batteries are backed by...