Hunter Panels

Portland, ME 04101

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Thermal & Moisture Control

Side-by-Side Comparison in Efficiency

June 2, 2020
To create a real-time project demonstration, lhb Architects designed the Hook & Ladder apartment complex as a side-by-side experiment with two adjacent, nearly identical ...
Roofing Systems

Faster Roof Sumps

July 31, 2018
[img src="A"]Factory-assembled and pre-cut, the 4-ft. × 4-ft. Target Sump is a prefabricated polyiso panel sloped to direct water to flow to the integral drain. A coated glass...
1801 AP SPS 03b_0
Lighting & Controls

Credit Union Banks on Precision Illumination

Jan. 25, 2018
The location of 1st Choice Savings & Credit Union in Alberta, Canada, was designed to be a bright and inviting facility with an open lobby, featuring a high ceiling and glass ...