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Roofing Systems

Roof Enhances Shopping Center’s Image

Destin Commons, known as the premier open-air lifestyle center on Florida’s Emerald Coast, chose three colors of metal roofing were to enhance the high-end shopping center’s image...
Storage Solutions

Stores Well

Use the ceilings, implies Vitra’s extensive multi-lane storage systems. Designed for retail settings, the floor-saving storage solution can easily be repurposed for the home ...
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Lighting & Controls

Credit Union Banks on Precision Illumination

The location of 1st Choice Savings & Credit Union in Alberta, Canada, was designed to be a bright and inviting facility with an open lobby, featuring a high ceiling and glass ...
Lighting & Controls

Light as Material

Philips’ Luminous Patterns integrate light into architecture in a new way. Delicately illuminated surfaces of light in customizable architectural wall panel systems create a ...
Lighting & Controls

Fashion Calls for Simple Lighting Palette

When Gieves & Hawkes renovated its flagship store at No. 1 Savile Row, more than 200 LED lamps helped them ‘tailor’ each space for best effect.