Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Exhibit Puts T. Rex in New Light

Sue the T. Rex is the Lady Gaga of the dinosaur community. The magnificent murderbird—a favorite term to describe the T. Rex—has an often-hilarious Twitter feed, legions of adoring...

Architectural Lighting

courtesy of Multiline Licht
Grip, Multiline Licht
Architectural Lighting


Grip is Multiline Licht’s narrowest luminaire and offers a base profile that wraps around the light profile. The driver is in the base, and then the light profile houses the LEDs...
Architectural Lighting

Unlimited RGB

Tivoli Lighting’s Litesphere True RGB+W LED strand light offers algorithm controls for superior color saturation and TRUE white performance. The commercial grade, outdoor-rated...
Architectural Lighting

Belterra lotus flower pendant light earns 2019 PIA

Petal-shaped LED lighting guides evoke a lotus flower to suit decorative aesthetics.
Air Shape
Architectural Lighting

Shape of the Wind

Air Shape pendants and wall lamps are fabricated by Taiwan-based industrial designer Jing- Cyuan Tang of Sunriu design studio.
courtesy of UCSB
A rendering of the Munger dormitory. Windowless bedrooms are concentrated in the center of the building, surrounded by windowed common areas.
Architectural Lighting

UCSB ‘windowless’ dorm design dies

The University of California has restarted the design process for a controversial student residence that accorded living spaces minimal access to daylight and views.