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Glass Walls/Partitions

Frosted Designs Go Beyond the Surface

March 4, 2020
With more than 20 exclusive designs in a variety of transparent substrates, ATI Decorative Laminates’ Frosted Fusion Collection creates the look of frosted glass with acrylic ...
Wall Coverings

Creating a Splash

May 6, 2019
As a multilayered, ultra-thin 0.25-in. (6-mm) decorative laminate that emits light evenly across its surface, LumiSplash has impressive impact-, scratch-, chemical- and abrasion...
Wall Coverings

Elements Inspired Laminate

March 27, 2019
ATI’s latest collection of 14 new NuMetal combinations—the Divine Elements Collection—combines qualities from water and rare earth elements to celebrate the unique relationship...