Elements Inspired Laminate

March 27, 2019

ATI’s latest collection of 14 new NuMetal combinations—the Divine Elements Collection—combines qualities from water and rare earth elements to celebrate the unique relationship between nature’s raw power and human curiosity. With new high pressure laminate (HPL) finishes ranging from rose gold and gun metal to the iridescent polished smoke and classic brushed aluminum, the patterns draw inspiration from the natural world. NuMetal features real metal surface and phenolic paper backing, and are available in 4-ft. × 8-ft. (4-ft. × 10-ft. available on special order). Ideal for hospitality, healthcare and institutional, retail and commercial design markets, they feature abrasion-resistance, real metal surfaces (aluminum, copper, real stainless steel and unique art), unique etching, embossing and hand- painting techniques, and are suitable for a variety of vertical and light-duty applications.

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