Sto Corp.

StoPanel 3DP

New Shape of Panelized Wall Systems

Sto Panel Technology has partnered with Branch Technology to deliver unprecedented 3-dimensional design options for exterior walls. A prefabricated panelized wall system, that includes all the building envelope control layers integrated into a fully customizable 3D printed composite shape, StoPanel 3DP panels are lightweight, structurally robust and easy to install. The big difference from other products, says the manufacturer, are the custom shape cores. Branch’s Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab) 3D printing process allows virtually any shape or form to be created at a large scale. The lightweight polymer matrix is robotically 3D printed in Branch Technology’s direct digital fabricat

Grand Concourse Academy Charter School, Bronx, NY

Color and Protection Highlight New Charter School

The Bronx’s Grand Concourse Academy Charter School found the right mix that helped the school stand out in the neighborhood—becoming a bright, engaging, inviting place—and stand up to the elements as well. Lubrano Ciavarra Architects (LCA) saw two great challenges when they set about designing Grand Concourse Academy Charter School. One, they needed to make the school stand out amid the sea of red brick that pervades the Bronx neighborhood. And two, they had to design a building that would stand up to the elements—wind, rain, snow and, of course, kids being kids.


Winter-Proof Walls

Winters in Traverse City can be brutal, so when planning its proposed four-story, 47,000-sq.-ft. Trailside45 apartment building in the northern Michigan town, owner, developer, contractor and operator, Westwind Construction, knew it needed a durable, energy-efficient exterior wall system that would also be attractive and easy to maintain. At first, the company tried life-sized samples of a stenciled brick design for the exterior wall. That didn’t achieve the look the design team wanted, so it explored other options.“We envisioned a modern, contemporary design and wanted a versatile exterior appearance, using as many textures as possible to provide exterior character,” said

Room & Board, Denver, Co

Flagship Store a Smooth Operator

For the flagship store in Denver, the architects wanted an ultra-smooth finish to keep reveals and breaks to a minimum, yet that would not neglect energy performance and resiliency. Room & Board desired a façade with a smooth finish—a challenge in this case, in that walls were planned as single monoliths, meaning no cracks or breaks could be visible in this minimalist vision. The owners, along with Roth & Sheppard Architects, Hyder Construction, and Monarch Stucco got together to plan. To ensure they could achieve the desired smoothness, the team created a mock-up and refinished it several times to get the quality and finish desired. Extra time was spent to QA/QC the substrate


Artistic Balance

The fully engineered, layered StoVentec Rainscreen system is made up of steel and aluminum brackets, mineral wool thermal insulation board and customizable glass or finish carrier panels. The colors in the glass panels are fused into the glass so that they will not wear, scratch, fade or incur water damage. The ventilated Render rainscreen portion of the system provides a balance of artistry, economics and performance.

309 East Paces, Atlanta, Ga.

Time and Money Saved Restoring Atlanta-Area Landmark

Built in 1963, 309 East Paces is located in the trendy Buckhead area of Atlanta and was once the headquarters of the nationwide rental company Aaron’s. Knox/Redan, owners of the 12-story building, wanted to preserve the building’s aesthetics, selecting a brick design with large industrial-style windows.The general contractor, Balfour Beatty Construction, proposed the use of StoPanel Technology to meet the developer’s limited time and budget. The team selected StoPanel Classic NExT ci as the cladding, with StoCreativ Brick and StoCreativ Granite to achieve the look of natural substances without the cost, weight and labor. The panels were produced at the Atlanta manufacturing


University Student Housing Gets Needed Facelift

Rowan University needed housing for its expanding student body, and quickly. The once modest New Jersey state teachers’ college suddenly had 18,000 students, including its graduate program, and had now gained university status. The collaboration led to the construction of a six-story residential building, which would anchor several planned surrounding structures. Between 2014 and 2018, seven buildings comprising more than 450,000 sq. ft. and 1500 wall panels were constructed in three phases.


Get on a Drainage Roll

The promise of ventilated façades enabled by rainscreen technology to promote drainage and drying of wall assemblies is a powerful one, but it helps to know a little something about the not-so-sexy elements underneath. A tangled filament nylon core drainage mat, Sto’s DrainScreen is for use in above-grade vertical wall assemblies intended to lay beneath stucco, stone, siding and thin brick veneer. Easy to roll onto walls, water vapor moves freely through the mat layer to keep things dry and prevent water damage to façade materials.


Restoring the Broadway

Delaminated and peeling despite attempts to repaint areas, the Broadway Promenade Condominium was in desperate need of repair. Located in Sarasota, Fla., the 10-year-old Broadway Promenade Condominium was in need of repair. The stucco was cracked, unbounded and inadequately cured during construction, resulting in a high alkaline stucco. As a result, the exterior paint exhibited severe alkaline burn, became mottled in color and had begun to delaminate and peel despite several attempts to repaint areas.