Sto Corp.

University Student Housing Gets Needed Facelift

Rowan University needed housing for its expanding student body, and quickly. The once modest New Jersey state teachers’ college suddenly had 18,000 students, including its graduate program, and had now gained university status. The collaboration led to the construction of a six-story residential building, which would anchor several planned surrounding structures. Between 2014 and 2018, seven buildings comprising more than 450,000 sq. ft. and 1500 wall panels were constructed in three phases.


Get on a Drainage Roll

The promise of ventilated façades enabled by rainscreen technology to promote drainage and drying of wall assemblies is a powerful one, but it helps to know a little something about the not-so-sexy elements underneath. A tangled filament nylon core drainage mat, Sto’s DrainScreen is for use in above-grade vertical wall assemblies intended to lay beneath stucco, stone, siding and thin brick veneer. Easy to roll onto walls, water vapor moves freely through the mat layer to keep things dry and prevent water damage to façade materials.


Restoring the Broadway

Delaminated and peeling despite attempts to repaint areas, the Broadway Promenade Condominium was in desperate need of repair. Located in Sarasota, Fla., the 10-year-old Broadway Promenade Condominium was in need of repair. The stucco was cracked, unbounded and inadequately cured during construction, resulting in a high alkaline stucco. As a result, the exterior paint exhibited severe alkaline burn, became mottled in color and had begun to delaminate and peel despite several attempts to repaint areas.