Restoring the Broadway

July 1, 2016
Delaminated and peeling despite attempts to repaint areas, the Broadway Promenade Condominium was in desperate need of repair.
Sarasota, Fla.
CHALLENGE:Located in Sarasota, Fla., the 10-year-old Broadway Promenade Condominium was in need of repair. The stucco was cracked, unbounded and inadequately cured during construction, resulting in a high alkaline stucco. As a result, the exterior paint exhibited severe alkaline burn, became mottled in color and had begun to delaminate and peel despite several attempts to repaint areas. SOLUTION:A thin veneer overlay system comprised of Sto RFP, fiber reinforcement mesh and Stolit Lotusan finish was used to resurface areas that required substantial stucco repair. For areas that only needed recoating, StoCoat Lotusan, the smooth coatings version of the super hydrophobic finish, was used. In combination, these two systems met all project objectives, created seamless compatibility, and ensured long-lasting color retention. The paint, in its current state was not performing well, as it was in various states of coating failure (i.e., peeling, blistering, discoloration, cracking and efflorescence). According to Dan Reed, senior project manager at Delta Engineering & Inspection, the Sto systems featured Stolit Lotusan and StoCoat Lotusan’s super hydrophobic technology. Both systems provide a weather-resistant barrier while also providing a self-cleaning finish, resulting in long-term performance. null