High-Performance Work Stations

The Brody Desk by Steelcase allows employees to focus even in high-traffic surroundings. This high-performance workstation was designed specifically for the in-between spaces in corporate environments. Regardless of the floor plan, the desk can be used as a stand-alone, or a series of desks can be put together. The desk offers a mini LED task light and integrated desk power is accessible via two Type A USB ports.

Mary Idema Pew Library, Grand Valley State University

Individual to Group Learning

After studying student behaviors, this framed the way in which Grand Valley State University (GVSU) went about renovating its Mary Idema Pew Library. In essence, the university identified a range of activities and the types of spaces students desired to support those tasks. “When they are really heads down on a project, or a test, or some other creative endeavor, they often expect and demand almost total silence and stillness,” relates Van Orsdel. On the other end of the spectrum, students seek group settings, whether it is comfortable lounge seating or a table with a whiteboard or a large screen for sharing digital images or data.Beyond having a space to support group inter


Posture Adjustable Desks

Migration SE is a height-adjustable solution that gives workers the freedom to choose between postures. Available in desk and bench versions to support a multi-tude of applications and work modes. Customization options are also available for the surface materials used and for the color of the legs on the desk/bench.


Outdoor Office Outfitter

Outdoor furniture brand, Extremis, a renowned Belgian furniture design group with a collection of products that focus on gathering and celebrating life outdoors is now available to the North American Market through Steelcase. Outdoor furniture groupings set the stage for stimulating, office environments that promote performance with plenty of fresh air, daylight and biophilia.


Rapid Prototyping: No Drop in the Bucket

A winner of a Beazley Design of the Year award, Rapid Liquid Printing (RLP), invented by members of the MIT Self-Assembly Lab and Steelcase, was recognized for its ability to manufacture 3D parts within a gel suspension. RLP physically draws in a 3D space within a gel suspension, and enables the creation of large scale, customized products made of real-world materials.It can produce structures in a matter of minutes and is designed for large-scale products, such as the ability to print an entire piece of furniture using real-world, industrial-grade materials. The annual prize and exhibition curated and hosted by the Design Museum in London has included previous winners such as IKEA and UNHCR


Steelcase Debuts a New Material

A carbon fiber-like material from Steelcase is an integral component to a task chair and a breakthrough material technology. Disguised within the chair, the lightweight, high-performance polymer has the same density, pliability and tensile strength as its carbon fiber inspiration, but comes with a much more economical price point; in fact, says James Ludwig, Product Development at Steelcase, “It’s virtually indistinguishable to the real material and about a third of the price.”The impetus for the design breakthrough was to achieve an elegant, effortless and supportive form for a task chair that was intuitive, simple and accessible at all price points. “You don&rs