Maars Living Walls

Modular Living Panels

Created in collaboration with Gensler, Maars Living Wall’s M923 modular panel system is simple to use and is designed for workers to create their own space in open-office structures. Flexible and versatile, the concept combines elements of modern wall decoration, functional office furniture and movable walls in a standalone product. Consisting of interlocking profiles with snap-in-place panels, and fully relocatable, M923 truly is a “living wall.” It defines open areas with the right type of functionality—and the right balance of porosity and privacy—for the task and tenant at hand. And it’s always attractive, no matter the configuration. The panels are av


'Invisible' Doors

AXES is a high-tech, steel-finish interior door-wall system; the doors pivot on axis points to become an acoustic wall. The product has multiple functions: It serves as a series of doors; when closed, the doors become a wall and create an acoustically sound, private environment. The access system with “invisible” doors, minimalist design and great acoustic performance allow the flexibility of both open and private spaces, with superior acoustic performance.Judge’s Comment: “Solid acoustic operable partitions can often be fairly utilitarian. This product takes the aesthetic to a level that has been lacking in this product category; clean, simple and beautiful.&rdq


Have a Listening Ear

Acoustic glass sliding door stays tight even when closed thanks to a special seal around the perimeter, keeping sound in or out to ensure privacy in educational or corporate settings—up to 35 decibels. The Maars Living Wall is available in perforated steel or covered with open fabric. Different perforation designs are available, including micro perforation and slots.