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Station No.14, Madison, Wi.

Daylighting of Station 14

OPN Architects was challenged to deliver a glare-free, daylit space for Station No. 14, Madison, Wisc.’s largest fire station. Battling solar heat gain and glare from the west elevation, the architects specified 2,630 sq. ft. of Kingspan’s UniQuad translucent wall panel system. Covering three sides of the multi-purpose facility—which serves as work space, gym and indoor training facility, in addition to a fire station—the translucent panels are integrated with clear glass on the east and west façades and covered with a slanted photovoltaic roof. 


Translucent Solution

In seeking to hide its unattractive concrete cladding at the Spoke Apartment Complex parking garage in Chicago’s River West, and enabling it to blend in to the attached residential tower covered in glass and brick, Fitzgerald Assocs. Architects specified 17,430 sq. ft. of Kingspan Light + Air | CPI Daylighting’s Pentaglas cladding. The green matte glazing is not only attractive, but it facilitates the movement of daylight and natural air in and out of the garage, and helped put the mixed-use development on track to earn LEED Silver certification.


Metal Panel Distinction

QuadCore represents a leap in technology within the insulated metal panel market. A Kingspan panel ordered with QuadCore and a Valspar Fluropon Pure coating earns a Red List Free declaration—the only metal panel in the world to earn that distinction. Additionally, QuadCore delivers thermal performance: it is certified as the most thermally-efficient, closed-cell insulation material in the insulated metal panel market. QuadCore surpasses all other closed-cell insulated panel systems when it comes to fire performance and fire resistance. Judge’s Comment: “While the idea of an insulated metal panel is not new, the efforts to create a high-performance panel that does not c


Utility Plant Turned Landmark

The 55-story 181 Fremont high-rise features a distinct sawtooth patterned façade which dictates that window mullions in the curtainwall angle slightly in against one another, essentially functioning as a shading device. Vitro’s triple-silver-coated Solarban 70XL glass blocks 70% of the sun’s heat energy while enabling 65% of the ambient daylight to pass through.


Improved Drainage

Channels cut along all four sides of new GreenGuard XPS Drainage Channel Board encourage drainage of any water that might happen to seep through a roofing assembly to the roofing membrane. The boards offer an R-Value of 5.0/in. of thickness and are available in a range of compressive strengths.


Form, Function—and Fins

A three-building Edmonton commercial property increases energy efficiency with IMPs. Sunwapta Centre is a versatile commercial property located in an active industrial and retail sector of Edmonton’s northwest region. The Centre is made up of three buildings on 22 acres totaling 407,000 sq. ft.. It was designed to accommodate a variety of commercial needs including retail, industrial, and service providers requiring flexible spaces ranging from 5,000 to 200,000 sq. ft. For year-round energy efficiency in Edmonton’s temperate climate, it was important to create a building envelope that provides continuous insulation for each structure at the Sunwapta Centre. Metal panels provide thermal perfo


Digital Meets Traditional

This newly remodeled data center needed a building envelope that could come together quickly while offering top protection for multiple clients’ data. Digital Realty Trust, a global provider of data center solutions, entered the suburban Chicago market by acquiring a 575,000-sq. ft., single-story warehouse/light industrial facility in Franklin Park, Ill. Digital Realty Trust needed to convert the complex into a high-end, 24/7/365 mission-critical data center called Digital-Chicago. The complex, located near O’Hare Airport, includes three buildings on a 23-acre parcel of land. When fully occupied, the complex will have the capacity to accommodate up to twenty 1125-megawatt turnkey fl ex perfo