Banker Wire

Silent Growth

The newly opened 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood features a touch of greenery in the guest rooms and public spaces, bringing the outdoors inside. The 25-ft., custom green wall in the lobby made from Banker Wire I-21 creates a woven fixture screen and custom welded wire mesh hanging baskets for vegetation. The vertical wall blends industrial elements with natural ones against a backdrop of concrete and steel and is laid out in such a way to ensure that vegetation can grow organically over the canvas. 


Historic London Office Space Revitalized

Former Victorian depository draws inspiration from elegant woven metal fabric to enhance the new office space. The Studio at 10A Greenwood Place in London completes its stylishly industrial revitalization with a unique lift enclosure. Two mesh patterns, layered closely together, enhance the new office space created in a former Victorian depository. As the office is designed as an open plan, the lift is a focal point, offering transportation between floors and is designed to evoke the building’s Victorian era. It’s complemented by brick walls, concrete soffits and exposed cast iron supports.With a beautiful street frontage, The Studio provides ample light via expansive, modern win


Transparency and Safety

ZGF Architects worked with the team at UCLA’s Center for the Health Sciences building’s South Tower on a custom mesh railing infill for the complex. The 443,000-sq.-ft. South Tower building on UCLA’s Center for the Health Sciences (CHS) building underwent a seismic upgrade and renovation to convert nine of the former hospital’s 12 floors into research lab space. ZGF Architects wanted to create a custom mesh railing infill for the complex. ZGF’s vision was to maximize openness without diminishing the strength of the infill material.