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Easy Automation

Building Connect+ is a simple and secure, cloud-based controls platform for managing CITY MULTI VRF systems, third-party BACnet devices and hardwired equipment from one convenient interface. Using an on-site panel (BCP-50), the platform connects the central controller and third-party equipment to the secure cloud network. The panel can auto-discover and seamlessly connect up to 50 CITY MULTI VRF indoor units, five BACnet devices and eight hardwired devices using digital input/output, with configuration done through an easy-to-use web portal.This streamlined system makes it easy for building owners and facility managers to monitor, control and manage their building. This innovation is an idea

Four51 Marlborough, Boston, Mass.

From Analog to Digital

Tasked with incorporating a modern design solution within The Holland Companies’ new luxury condominium building, Four51 Marlborough, architecture firm Hacin + Assocs. sought to complement the surrounding neighborhood and the building’s storied past, by reimagining a well-known Boston Harbor lithograph for the building’s lobby. Designer and fabricator of architecturally compelling mosaics, Artaic, transposed the Boston Harbor lithograph with their innovative design tool, Tylist. The Tylist process married the ancient mosaic craft and the use of modern digital technology for the reinterpretation of the 19th-century landmark that pays homage to the Back Bay’s historic c


New Virtual Design Tool

To assist designers with planning and visualizing restroom designs, Bradley Corp. introduces an online Virtual Design Tool featuring four types of restroom environments—corporate interiors, high traffic, institutional and hospitality. Users can pair different Bradley hand washing fixtures and partitions with varying color and material selections. The tool then presents these selections in two angles for viewing each room. 

Casey Mahon, digital technologies manager at Carrier Johnson CULTURE, experiments with sensors and software to achieve the integration of architectural design and virtual reality.

Gestural Modeling

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but in a reality version of movie, Inception—in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character constructs imaginary immersive worlds in which others interact—architect Casey Mahon brings DiCaprio’s role to life by donning a pair of virtual reality goggles integral to software and sensors. His hands trigger computational processes in architectural software—what he refers to as gestural modeling. The ability to manipulate immersive environments is impacting the way firms practice, says Mahon, digital technologies manager at Carrier Johnson CULTURE and contributing faculty member at NewSchool of Architecture & Design’s School of Architecture. Carrier Jo


Indoor Comfort: I Voted Today

If you’re feeling uncomfortable in terms of the climate control in your own home, you could open a window, pull down the blinds or bump up the thermostat. Yet, long hours spent in an office leave many individuals helpless to control their own comfort. The democratization of the workplace is slowly breaking down the barrier to personal comfort in commercial buildings, so before you don a Snuggie or sunglasses, check out these Comfy and +Comfy systems that promise comfortable and content offce workers. +Comfy aims to boost office productivity by promoting occupants’ access to building control technologies already in place in many commercial office buildings. Here’s how it works: a simple Inter