Building Connect+ is a simple and secure, cloud-based controls platform for managing CITY MULTI VRF systems, third-party BACnet devices and hardwired equipment from one convenient interface. Using an on-site panel (BCP-50), the platform connects the central controller and third-party equipment to the secure cloud network. The panel can auto-discover and seamlessly connect up to 50 CITY MULTI VRF indoor units, five BACnet devices and eight hardwired devices using digital input/output, with configuration done through an easy-to-use web portal.

This streamlined system makes it easy for building owners and facility managers to monitor, control and manage their building. This innovation is an ideal mid-level solution for facility managers who need more than a centralized controller but less than a full building automation system to run their facilities. Additionally, Building Connect+ allows account managers to add and manage independent users, giving specific levels of access to approved users through internet-connected smart devices.

Judge’s Comment: “Such easy automation improvements go a long way in making it hard to say no to VRF technology, which goes hand-in-glove with city ‘electrification’ efforts, let alone delivering great comfort and efficiency.”