Material Transparency

Fabrics & Textiles

Boss of Emboss

Fil Doux Textiles Vinylife Impact line is a collection of deep textures with a vast array of intricate patterns including rattan and woven luggage styles. The deep-textured vinyl...
Contract Furnishings

The Future is Upcycled

The world needs another chair like it needs a plastic garbage patch bigger than the size of Texas drifting in the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, that plastic garbage patch already...
Plumbing Fixtures

Carbon-Free Fixtures

Raising the sustainable bar and rising to the Architecture 2030 for Products Challenge, Sloan has released a number of carbon-free products to help building’s mitigate their ...
1606 AP SPS 03b
Structural Wood

Grocery Store Goes Au Naturel

The Madison, Wisc.-based Festival Foods Store was looking to provide a more natural environment for its shoppers.
1801 AP SPS 04aB
Paving Systems

Pavers Add Distinction to Boston Project

Boston’s 101 Seaport is a project unique in concept and installation. Functionality, performance and aesthetics were all taken into consideration when selecting paving materials...
Wall Coverings

Greater Impact Resistance

VersaGuard performs in high-traffic corridors and public spaces, shielding walls from wear and the impact of rolling traffic such as desk chairs, carts and gurneys. The wall ...