Courtesy of Astek
Uplifted Wallcovering
Wall Coverings

Uplifted 3-Dimensional Wallcovering Collection

The Uplifted wallcovering collection explores the interaction between form, color, and dimension. Tomma Bloom’s signature use of bold patterns, geometric structures, and...
Courtesy of Momentum Textile and Wallcovering
Digital Creations Wallcovering
Wall Coverings

Digital Creations

This new collection balances the beauty of Momentum textile and wallcovering products with the brilliance and flexibility of digital creations. Whether the artwork was created...
Vitro Moody Center Tom Kessler Mc 01 (1)
Case Studies

Moody Center, University of Texas at Austin

The 360-degree glass curtainwall wrapping the new Moody Center in Austin, Texas supports great views into and out of the arena.
Courtesy of Schindler Elevator
Clean Mobility Elevate Me

PORT Technology

Armed with an advanced algorithm that helps elevators be strategically assigned to riders, passengers select a destination floor while calling for the elevator and before getting...
Courtesy of Sightline
Custom Modular Seating Riser
Stair & Railing Systems

Modular Seating Riser

Collaborating with longtime partners at Schuler Shook, Sightline custom-designed and installed an eight-level, state-of-the-art seating riser that comfortably accommodates nearly...
1611 AP SPS 05a
Solar Control/Sun Shading

Daylight Control

The Flatiron Building employs good daylighting techniques, which includes a custom-made shading system that reduces glare while allowing the proper amount of daylighting into ...
Louvers & Vents

They can Handle a Hurricane

[img src="A"]The new EME420DDE 4-in. deep louvers—along with the 5-in. deep EME420DDE model—are designed to meet 55-mph impact tests, for applications in hurricane-prone regions...
Courtesy of Audrey Lane
Brick & Brush mural tile collection

Brick & Brush Tile Collection

A Finalist of the 2023 Best of BDNY award in the architectural materials category, Brick & Brush, shown here in Posy, is a curated tile mural collection. It combines beautiful...
Courtesy of Landscape Forms
Landscape Profile Family
Lighting & Controls

Profile Lighting Family

The award-winning Profile family of lights creates beautiful and intentional light emanating from a refined, minimalist design. Profile’s palette of configurable options allows...
Wall Coverings

Bring Texture to your Wall

EchoPanel Mura wallcovering is made of up to 60% recycled content with low-VOC emissions, absorbs sound and adds dynamic design factors to nearly any flat surface. Class A fire...