Bricks Beckon Precipitation

March 15, 2019
Cleveland, Ohio

If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor component to your next project there’s more than meets the eye to brick hardscapes. It takes an experienced contractor, coupled with expert craftsmanship and highly resilient materials to eloquently construct a brick-centric landscape design with both ecological sensitivity and longevity. Recently, the Hardscape North America competition lauded the merits of three clay brick projects: all three incorporate Pine Hall Brick.

One of which, The Flats East Bank, won an HNA award for Clay Brick—Permeable. The project is an expansive warehouse district on the waterfront of the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio. It is now the site of $750 million in development, including an 18-story office tower, a hotel, a fitness club and local restaurants. Additionally, it has a 241-unit high-end apartment building, a fitness club and entertainment venues. Central to tying the whole project together is an extensive riverwalk, made of Pine Hall Brick Company’s StormPave permeable pavers, which were installed to address stormwater management requirements. Many cities are now requiring commercial projects to treat stormwater on site. StormPave pavers have nibs to create space in between the pavers. Rainwater enters and is collected in aggregates underneath, where it is naturally filtered.

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