LittleTwos Family of Luminaires

March 14, 2024

Meet the LittleTwos in the USAI Lighting booth at LEDucation 2024. This family of 2” aperture recessed pinholes and 2” diameter cylinders provides up to 2000 delivered lumens with advanced glare control. This Tier 2 family offers an expansive range of options for trim styles, trim configurations, beam spreads, housings, drivers, and more. The LittleTwos pinhole luminaire can illuminate spaces with ceilings from 8’ to 20’ in height, while remaining fully serviceable and installable from below the ceiling plane. The cable-mount, 2” cylinder downlights are available with 2’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ suspension lengths and are field cuttable. Add perfectly coordinated layers of illumination to your specifications with the LittleTwos family of recessed pinhole and cylinder fixtures.

For more information, visit the product webpage.

USAI Lighting