Leaving the Light On

July 1, 2016
Due to inconsistent and energy inefficient existing lighting at U-Haul’s corporate headquarters parking structure, it was time for an LED upgrade.
Phoenix, Ariz.
CHALLENGE:At the U-Haul corporate headquarters parking structure in Phoenix, Ariz., the existing lighting was inconsistent. The lighting tended to yellow and could cast shadows that created a murky effect throughout the structure. The less than ideal lighting was also energy inefficient. INFLUENCE:When U-Haul began its search for a new lighting solution, it turned to LED lighting. U-Haul had previously considered LED technology but was concerned about the high temperatures in Phoenix so it initially considered fluorescent and induction options because of the higher Kelvin temperatures available. However, since its initial look, LED lighting technology greatly improved and became the clear choice for U-Haul this time around. SOLUTION:

The lighting upgrade for U-Haul was comprehensive and provided an excellent opportunity to maximize energy savings. “The scope of the project included replacing nearly 400 fluorescent lighting fixtures with LED luminaires,” said Michelle Sullivan, U-Haul Manager of Corporate sustainability. All of the lighting in the parking garage was from 4-ft., 25-W T8 lamps and roughly 85% of all fixtures included four lamps. “With the new LED applications we were able to eliminate more than 12% of our existing fixtures,” Sullivan continued. The T8 lamps were replaced with Cree VG Series LED parking structure luminaries because of the light quality and output and lighting controls available. The 24/7 availability of the corporate office meant the parking structure lighting would be on 24/7. With the VG Series lighting control features, the new lights operate when needed—and time in use has been trimmed to approximately four hours per day. The U-Haul project included installation of 324 Cree VG Series parking structure luminaries, more than 50 Cree LS Series surface ambient luminaires for ramp and stairwell lighting and OSQ Series and XSP Series outdoor luminaires. Cree was able to accommodate the aged and uniquely-shaped parking structure. This allowed U-Haul to modernize its lighting while working within its building design. Along with vastly improved light quality, U-Haul is seeing its energy savings grow. The industry leader in do-it-yourself moving and self-storage expects to realize more than 15% energy savings from the LED lighting upgrade. The new lighting has reduced the existing Wage by more than 17,000 W to provide an estimated annual kilowatt hour savings of more than 250,000 kWh.


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