Gymnasium Sees the Light

May 1, 2016
High school gymnasium undergoes LED lighting retrofit which allows school officials to recoup time, utility and maintenance costs.
Connersville, Ind.
CHALLENGE:Connersville High School (CHS) in Connersville, Ind., home to the Spartan Bowl—one of the largest gymnasiums in the state—needed to replace dim and costly metal halide high-bay lights. Lighting in the Spartan Bowl was fraught with obstacles. The existing 26 fixtures—400-W metal halide high-bay lights—had grown dim over time, costing the school considerable time, utility and maintenance costs as the fixtures aged. INFLUENCE:Prior to installing new LED luminaires, it took eight minutes for the gym’s lights to reach full brightness, forcing school officials to choreograph athletic events and other ceremonies around the warm-up time and, at times, resulting in introducing teams and participants in the dark. SOLUTION:The school swapped existing fixtures with Cree’s CXB Series in a 4000K color temperature, immediately boosting light levels from 30 to 70 foot candles with improved color rendering, while cutting energy usage in half and offering zero maintenance requirements for years to come. Cree’s CXB High Bay LED fixture delivers up to 24,000 lm. and provides a combination of high performance and affordability, eliminating the need for energy-wasting fluorescent and HID high bay luminaires. The newest CXB High Bay LED luminaire provides customers with a better light experience through a higher color rendering index of 80-plus and delivers greater efficiency of 113 lm./W, lowering operating costs and paying for itself in less than three years. It also includes an improved thermal system, ensuring high reliability over its 100,000-hour rated lifetime and an updated lens mounting and edge design. null

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