Ambience Met

April 1, 2016
LED lighting and controls provide architectural intuition at Marriott Hotel.
Anaheim, Calif.
Houston Tyner Architects, Torrance, Calif.

The nFuse restaurant and bar in the Anaheim Marriott were recently re-modeled with new LED lighting and an updated ambience. Management was looking for an interface for staff to easily control the various scenes required throughout the day—for example: clean, daytime, nighttime and all off.


Management wanted a simple and intuitive way to integrate timers with scene programming, managing the restaurant ambience.


The WattStopper InFusion system provided the architectural dimming capabilities to create the ambiance for the restaurant and WattStopper Equinox 40 (EQ40) keypads provide the simple and intuitive interface for which management and staff were looking. The InFusion system provides precise dimming for a variety of LED and incandescent lighting loads and the EQ40s control separate sections of the restaurant.


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