LED Lighting Transforms Public Schools

July 1, 2015
Toledo, Ohio
CHALLENGE:As part of a system-wide effort to improve energy efficiency and campus experience, Toledo Public Schools (TPS) in Toledo, Ohio selected LED lighting to illuminate the exterior of 42 of its school district campuses. INFLUENCE:LEDs delivered superior light quality and energy optimization while lowering the cost of ownership compared to outdated metal halide and high-pressure sodium alternatives they replaced. SOLUTION:

The schools now feature Cree LED area, canopy and wall mount luminaires, saving one school alone an anticipated $355,000 in lifetime energy and maintenance costs for rapid payback while delivering optimized light levels for campus visibility. “We knew that energy-efficient LED technology was the best lighting solution; once we looked at the energy saving potential, payback time and maintenance savings, making the switch was clear,” said Ron Miller, network operations and energy efficiency manager, TPS. TPS anticipates that the innovative new Cree LED lighting system will help reduce energy consumption by up to 69% percent and save up to $125,000 per school in lifetime maintenance costs alone, while improving light quality and exterior aesthetics.


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