New Way to Work?

July 28, 2020

“Bookable” shared satellite office spaces require flexible infrastructure.

Scandinavia is seen as a pioneer for good work culture, but given the impact of the COVID-19 virus, and the effectiveness of “work away from work,” Fabege, one of Sweden’s largest property companies, set out to develop an office concept beyond most models. Its reservable satellite offices are spatially detached from the main office, a new idea that reveals benefits for the individual and for social coexistence. Three locations, across Stockholm, were created and equipped with flexible downlights for a track. The concept moves away from traditional approaches. “I wanted to avoid carpets of light at all costs,” said Joaquim de Abreu, WAW’s lighting designer. “So we subdivided the room area into different zones and use light only as strongly as needed. The light adapts to the intended environment,” he continued. This called for a flexible track infrastructure and luminaires with high visual comfort and intuitive control. In addition to ERCO spotlights and pendant luminaires, he specified the company’s Jilly fixture (below) as the downlight for track. All luminaires can be controlled wirelessly.

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