Sensible Sensing

Dec. 18, 2020

Perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications, Enlighted One ships integrated into lighting fixtures or is easily installed in the field. Programming only takes seconds with an Enlighted wireless wall switch and off-the-shelf laser pointer. The system is out-of-the box building code compliant with features such as daylight harvesting, task tuning and vacancy detection. The solution yields energy savings up to 65% with an LED retrofit. It features the same Generation 5 hardware as the Enlighted IoT Platform. When building occupants are ready to upgrade to IoT capabilities, no modifications to the lighting fixtures are required—the sensor is already installed in the building. With a sensor IoT license and the addition of an IoT network, customers can simply subscribe to building applications and unlock productivity gains for building occupants.

Judge’s Comment: “Highly advanced with great functionality and easy scalability.”

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