Modular Downlight

Dec. 28, 2020

The DCD Series is literally whatever you want it to be, as its flexibility radically simplifies configuration in the field. With just one housing type, it allows for adjustment of beam angles; increased light output; driver service—all without tools.

It was also recognized by Lightfair International as best of category for recessed downlights; the DCD Series is the first downlight to offer modular drivers and optics, allowing the flexibility to change lumen output and distribution in application. Key to the system are the light modules, which feature field-changeable optics and plug-and-play connections for the perfect combination of performance and utility. Twist and lock drivers make them completely interchangeable, bringing new levels of versatility to an interoperable downlighting solution.

Producing 90+ CRI in four different color temperatures, the modules pair with multiple trim options, making the system simple to order, install and maintain.

Judges’ Comment: “Finally! A downlight for all applications. A designer’s dream come true. Love the ‘one-stop shopping’ mentality for creating this design sensitive fixture. I really appreciate the flexibility, (spot lights, wide angles, etc.) within the same housing. From the design aesthetics point of view, it allows for consistent and uniform grid of downlights while they can have different functions. And options for changing the type of heads without removing the entire fixture is definitely an added bonus and adds flexibility if the space changes.”

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