Soft Illumination

Jan. 5, 2021

The OMEGA Series illustrates a unique union between two pure forms, the round opal cylinder in parallel with the geometric extrusion that has led to the creation of a luminaire family that is both recognizable yet discrete. The opal lens cylinder softly illuminates the space in all dimensions and is available in a surface mount or pendant luminaire.

OMEGA Suspension features the same cylindrical diffused opal lens luminaire in an 83-in. linear fixture that hangs from stainless steel suspension cables to provide functional, decorative lighting that softly illuminates the space. The light emitted appears soft and widespread, particularly suitable for reception areas in offices, hotels and common areas, coordinated with the specialized lighting provided by the surface mount version. Designed in collaboration with Gensler.

Judge’s Comment: “This system reimagines what ‘track lighting’ can be.”

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