Easy Elegance

Jan. 5, 2021

SLOT 1 is a linear lighting solution that delivers outstanding quality of light, exceptional visual comfort, simplified installation and easier emergency planning compared to other linear lighting solutions—all at a 1.5-in. aperture. It allows specifiers to create linear lines of light across ceilings, surfaces and walls, and is available in four forms: recessed, pendant, surface and wall. It contains the Modulus low-voltage distributed power and control solution that allows for a simplified installation experience and easier emergency planning, as a single power drop, up to every 32 ft. It reduces complexity and time on the jobsite, simplifying the design and installation of lighting solutions. A single battery and inverter or switch-over devices is used at the beginning of the linear system. This configuration allows for a distributed emergency system setup, so the entire fixture can provide additional emergency functionality, using less energy and providing a more uniformly lit space when needed.

Judge’s Comment: “Flexibility in a small aperture linear format is desired in today’s design; This would be good in public spaces that need high brightness and vandal resistance.”

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