Optical Excellence

Jan. 7, 2021

With direct/indirect illumination and state-of-the-art anidolic optics, the thin-profile luminaire minimizes glare while leveraging low voltage, aircraft cable to power the fixture without a visual power feed. Mounting at just 12-in. below the ceiling and up to 12-ft. on center, its secret is anidolic optics that hide the LED source and eliminates their visibility from below. By avoiding off-the-shelf optics, Amerlux engineered the exact distribution required to create the most “comfortable” product, extracting light at high angles that traditional LEDs cannot achieve, while its precision mold design provides near 90% optical efficiency.

Side prisms provide precision direction of photons to useful zones on opposing sides, giving the wide light distribution; its center TIR section helps fill the gaps of light to remove source identification and dark spots above the fixture; and the “dragonfly” wing distribution ensures an even illumination on the ceiling with no ceiling hot spots. The result is a 73/27 indirect/direct distribution that maintains
a high CRI (90+) and an efficacy up to 126 lm/W.

Judge’s Comment: “What I like about this product is its low-glare optics with a hint of luminous characteristics required for visual interest.”

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