Minimizing Sound Absorption

Jan. 7, 2021

Audia, the flagship fixture of the ACOUSTIX family of luminaires, combines a refreshingly slim aesthetic, exceptional optics and precision sound absorbing technology to create a new paradigm in acoustic lighting. Audia allows sound waves to be absorbed by Lumenwerx’s proprietary sound-absorbing material called EchoCore. The material is composed of aluminum carefully cut and sized based on Helmholtz Resonance. As sound passes, it gets trapped within the EchoCore and the air pockets that have been created, resulting in 30% more sound reduction than that of standard felt luminaires. In addition, the flame retardant and mold-resistant material is eco-conscious, emitting zero VOCs. It is also composed of 75% recycled content.

Judge’s Comment: “Integrating lighting, sound absorption and aesthetics is a definite win-win.”

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